Wednesday, February 1

Killing a real-life dragon!

“What’s life without dragons” – Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire

Yeah! What’s life without dragons? That dragon could signify my problem right now, or my enemy, or any negative thing.

Sometimes I think, why do we have dragons in life? Do I need to wait for it to open its mouth and breathe fire on me? Or do I just shiver in fear and make him painfully eat me? I know its skin is very hard and is almost impenetrable even the sharpest of objects, and even by doing so, I could hurt myself because of its pointy and bony scales. So how do I fight this fucking dragon? If I stood up against its mighty roar, am I sending a message to it saying, “I won’t back down!” If it flew and is aiming for me so that its claws can grab me, would I be able to dodge it?

If a dragon encounter is inevitable, I know that I could take a hit from it and there is just this tiny life gauge that I got because I don’t have enough experience and my level is too low. If he gets one of my arms, I hope it’s not my right hand, haha! Cause for sure I can’t handle a sword with ease using my left hand. What if it got me on the legs, I wouldn’t be able to dodge its next attack and that could mean I will take a critical blow. Yes I am concerned about my life gauge. If it reaches 0, its game over right? But am I just gonna stand up and do nothing while it just took its sweet time, raping my life gauge away?

But it’s just a dragon, and there are ways to fight a dragon! Head on, I could take a sword, bow, or even cast magic to it, Skyrim style, then take its soul which makes me stronger. I could use Accio Firebolt, jump into that cool flying broom, flee away from it, and formulize a plan how to take care of it, Harry Potter style. All I need to do is be calm and analyze how will I defeat this big-ass dragon. Every dragon has a weakness, and every damage it makes just synergizes the only reason why it’s wreaking havoc all over the place, the reason being me not making a stand for it.

Dragons are part of my daily life. I admit sometimes I don’t know how to handle it, sometimes I can’t fight it off, and more often I am taking a critical blow! But from now on, I will do my best to shout my warcry! I will do my best to smack its head! And even before it shows itself, I’m always at my “game face.” Dragons are formidable, yeah, but is it more formidable than my will to outcast it? Is it formidable than my faith to God?

Hey, you know what? I am thankful that I am living right now. I am happy that I got a family. I am thankful that I have friends. I’m thankful to God that I have such a loving heart (and I know that I am) and I just want to love people. Sometimes I think I was made by God to love people, haha! But seriously, I love my family, my friends, and even my enemies. Oh wait, I don’t have enemies, haha! But even if I do, I would apologize if it was my fault that we fought or talk to him if it was his/her fault, because from now on, I plan to live my life in a positive way, LIKE A BOSS! Life is not to be wasted away by being negative. I am __ years old now, I can’t imagine that I spent my __ years of not risking anything.

As you can see, this post was not meant only for me, it’s also for the one who’s reading this.

Saturday, January 28

Awesome games I played this week...

Last week I was playing Modern Warfare 2. Actually, I finished it already but I'm playing special ops just to unlock some new levels. Glad to know my 4 year old computer can still run new games at medium settings. I love my computer!!! Haha! And I just got my hands on Modern Warfare 3 and I could say I'm not totally impressed with how the scenes go, it was a great game though.
Soap, Price and a new guy called Yuri chased after Makarov to make him pay for making a war. The scenes will take you to Soap's survival (where MW2 ended), on to the New York battlefield, and lastly Yuri's past. I won't say more about it because I'd probably spoiling the game for those readers who didn't finished it yet. (as if I have readers, haha!)

Overall, if you played MW1 and MW2, you'd definitely play this game and you know what I meant by that.

Also, playing Skyrim has taken it's toll on me. I mean the epic game just lost it's "flavor" on me. Why?
Because I got my hands on the new Assassin's Creed: Revelations! Ezio Auditore, the master assassin, the mentor, is now old but is more wiser and cleverer than ever. He meets Yusuf, an Arabian guy I think, (sorry I didn't pay much attention to the histories) that will make Ezio a more dangerous assassin. He introduced the use of different bombs in which in that time was not common. I played all of the AC games and the story got me hooked up on it. It's like the movie Matrix in which you plug into another dimension and fight off bad guys just to know some information about the "real" enemies and how it will stop the fighting.

Another thing that kept me from playing the AC series is because in the 1st AC, when you finished the game, you would see hidden codes and pictures at Desmond's (protagonist) room and into the lab.
Assassin's Creed ending pictures
I was so effin curious about the pictures and it would just make you say, "what the f?" So I went online and search some forums or discussions about these pictures and I found out about the Mayans and the Illuminati. After all, I could say I acquired some little skill in english by playing games, why not take the facts on the game and study about it. To make the long story short, I learned about the free masons and the mysterious group called illuminati. And the guys who knew or believed the illuminati exist called the game "an illuminati game."

After a little searching here and there, I found out that they use some kind of symbols in games, music videos, and company logos, and many more. The one I always notice is the triangle symbol and an eye in the center and after learning this, I found out MW3 and AC has symbols like this. The one from AC is above and the one from MW3 follows (video):
You could see in the video that Price, the character you are playing at this time, is looking down to a small pool of water. Across beneath it are triangular lights that make up the whole building. If you watch closely, you will notice that his eye coincides at the middle of the triangle.

I don't know if this is true or what but I notice this kinds of symbols in different kinds of media like games, movies, videos, pictures, and many more. I, myself, believe these things because there is more evidence to say that this is just a coincidence. Even if I believe it, I don't let it affect how I live my life.

It is your choice to believe this or not, but I just want to share what I experienced and learned and I think it's an interesting story to blog about.

Friday, January 20

How my friends celebrate birthdays...

I had a wicked week. Yes I do. 2 of my friends had their birthdays this week and that means "MORE RUM"! I'm not much of a drinker but with these guys, I won't hesitate to drink more of that Gin with a coffee mixture. Sometimes it's with a lemon mixture they make but I like the coffee mixture more. Why? It's because the caffeine in the coffee mixture will just make your body hot, and I mean literally hot, well in my case it is. As we all know alcohol has a solution that makes you dizzy and sleepy right? And to mix it with the caffeine, that's just insane don't you think? LOL! Every time they do the mixing, I'm always fascinated because they light a fire on the bottle and put the mixture in quickly (good thing the bottle isn't breaking because of the heat).

So Jhenni, the one who had her birthday on January 18, celebrated her 17th birthday in her house.  I planned on actually typing "21st" birthday but I decided to correct it anyways. Haha! The first of the people who went to her place was me and Urgent, her boyfriend and my classmate from college days. Jhenni was furious when we came because naturally, Urgent was supposed to be there even before any of us were to come. Hahaha! Jhenni was hitting Urgent because of her frustration but to me, they're the sweetest couple I've ever seen. So we initiated the RUM drinking even though we only had the 3 of us to enjoy ourselves in. I said to myself, "I could do this, I could do this!" But my body won't just respond to my thinking, haha! I was already drunk and trying to sober up even before the other guests aren't arriving yet. But eventually, they arrive an hour after us. To ease the drunkenness I plunge myself into, I just focused on the food that were in front of us. We had this Pancit "Kangkalo" that were presented by Jhenni in front of us and it's just delicious. Mind you, that pancit was supposed to be called "pancit malabon", but GGxOgie just called it  "pancit kangalo" because it was made from Caloocan and not from Malabon. I guess that makes sense huh? :D
(I just snatched this picture from google images it portrays what I felt XD)

"...and there it goes the rum", I said to myself, while enjoying the bliss of NOT drinking another shot. Haha! But it won't stop there, the "ambagan" moment came into realization and just made my pocket more depressed. I mean I got like 10 pesos in my pocket. Hahaha! But it was all worth it, 10 pesos for an all night enjoyment, that's a no brainer. :D

Yeah I enjoyed every moment of it, but the one thing I've never enjoyed in that occasion was that I threw up! Damn! But no worries my friends, yes it gross, but I vomited on the comfort room. Haha! You must be thinking I threw up on somebody else's faces huh? Well you're wrong, I could control myself, nyahaha! But damn, my head was effing spinning, literally... So I went back into the room and just took a nice nap... Boom, when they woke me up they said they're all gonna go home. Confused? Me too....

I still hope any pictures of me taken while I was sleep don't turn up on facebook. :D

Next day! Nix's birthday! He's the clan master of our DotA clan. It's his 21st birthday I believe... The birthday party event posted from facebook said that it would start at 7pm. Yeah right, 7pm, ever heard of Filipino time? It's this saying that Filipinos have a habit of being late when it comes to important occasions versus simple occasions. Lo and behold, Filipino time right in front of our faces. The party started at about 8 or 9 pm and we initiated it by singing at the videoke. I forgot to mention that the party took place at their place and is commonly known to the clan as the "Home Base".
We had red wine, safari barrage with vinegar, 49ers gin with kopiko, spaghetti, pancit kangkalo, and pancit canton. Right about 2 or 3am, we decided to wrap up the party and play DotA. I got teamed up with Nix, Omar, Don, and Urgent. Our opponents were Jam, Son, Jacq, Dek and Romz and we lose the first game. 
On the 2nd game, players were shuffled and we got to team up with Romz and Don gone on our team. Again and again, we lose, haha! But one thing's for sure, we got the upper hand when it comes to trash-talking. Hahaha! Playing 2 DotA games, we then decided to go home now and rest. Unexpectedly, it was morning and the sun just shone when we opened the door. It was very tiring, yeah, but it was funny and enjoying as hell. Haha!

This happenings I said were just a "scratch from the surface". There were many discussions and actions that were not included in my post because if I had included it here, it would take hours! Some of the topics we talk about were things about the Illuminati, the black nazarene, the legend of adarna, the legend of the white pepper, and many more. And I wish that I could share more with you, well, perhaps in my next blog posts I'll try to include more.

I hope you enjoyed reading because I enjoyed writing it.

And I would just like to say hi these people that I know will read this blog post!
GGxDexterity haha!

One more thing.... HANDS OF BLOOD!!!! Haha!

Tuesday, January 10

Jack Bauer pulsing again on a '24' movie!

The TV series, 24, will be having a movie which stars Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. This may be one of the most greatest news I've heard in the entertainment world because personally, I wished that 24 would last forever. Just kidding... Haha!

The past-faced tv series made fans at the edge of their seat for 7 days (seasons) and after a long wait, a movie will be introduced, isn't that wonderful? Right, right?

Kiefer said that he expects to work on the movie in late April or May. He will be having a new Fox series "Touch" and will be a father of a intelligent son. I, myself, am excited about these projects of Kiefer and will be watching it. But of course, I'm more excited on 24, LOL!

The Bourne Legacy shooting in the Philippines!

The 4th sequel of the "Bourne" series will be visiting to the Philippines to film. Titled, "The Bourne Legacy", the spy film will run 20-25 minutes of shot here in the Philippines.

Being a fan of the series, I am truly excited on how will the scenes here will turn out. According to Jun Juban, Philippine pointman for the shooting, the Hollywood film will be shooting in the country for 40-45 days.

The first 3 Bourne films stars Matt Damon. I'm just curious on how will the story turn out because it isn't Matt Damon who will play the main protagonist in The Bourne Legacy. It's gonna be Jeremy Renner, the guy from "The Hurt Locker" and "Thor", and as far as my researched has led me, this will be a whole new story away from Jason Bourne. It will be a new Treadstone/Black Briar-trained assassin. Damon played the role amazingly, I just hope Renner could "catch-up" to Damon's standard.

One of my favorite actors, Edward Norton, will be playing the antagonist here. Yeah, he got the street fighting techniques from Fight Club but will he live up to the hype of the movie? Not to mention the lovely Rachel Weisz is also starring here.