Saturday, January 28

Awesome games I played this week...

Last week I was playing Modern Warfare 2. Actually, I finished it already but I'm playing special ops just to unlock some new levels. Glad to know my 4 year old computer can still run new games at medium settings. I love my computer!!! Haha! And I just got my hands on Modern Warfare 3 and I could say I'm not totally impressed with how the scenes go, it was a great game though.
Soap, Price and a new guy called Yuri chased after Makarov to make him pay for making a war. The scenes will take you to Soap's survival (where MW2 ended), on to the New York battlefield, and lastly Yuri's past. I won't say more about it because I'd probably spoiling the game for those readers who didn't finished it yet. (as if I have readers, haha!)

Overall, if you played MW1 and MW2, you'd definitely play this game and you know what I meant by that.

Also, playing Skyrim has taken it's toll on me. I mean the epic game just lost it's "flavor" on me. Why?
Because I got my hands on the new Assassin's Creed: Revelations! Ezio Auditore, the master assassin, the mentor, is now old but is more wiser and cleverer than ever. He meets Yusuf, an Arabian guy I think, (sorry I didn't pay much attention to the histories) that will make Ezio a more dangerous assassin. He introduced the use of different bombs in which in that time was not common. I played all of the AC games and the story got me hooked up on it. It's like the movie Matrix in which you plug into another dimension and fight off bad guys just to know some information about the "real" enemies and how it will stop the fighting.

Another thing that kept me from playing the AC series is because in the 1st AC, when you finished the game, you would see hidden codes and pictures at Desmond's (protagonist) room and into the lab.
Assassin's Creed ending pictures
I was so effin curious about the pictures and it would just make you say, "what the f?" So I went online and search some forums or discussions about these pictures and I found out about the Mayans and the Illuminati. After all, I could say I acquired some little skill in english by playing games, why not take the facts on the game and study about it. To make the long story short, I learned about the free masons and the mysterious group called illuminati. And the guys who knew or believed the illuminati exist called the game "an illuminati game."

After a little searching here and there, I found out that they use some kind of symbols in games, music videos, and company logos, and many more. The one I always notice is the triangle symbol and an eye in the center and after learning this, I found out MW3 and AC has symbols like this. The one from AC is above and the one from MW3 follows (video):
You could see in the video that Price, the character you are playing at this time, is looking down to a small pool of water. Across beneath it are triangular lights that make up the whole building. If you watch closely, you will notice that his eye coincides at the middle of the triangle.

I don't know if this is true or what but I notice this kinds of symbols in different kinds of media like games, movies, videos, pictures, and many more. I, myself, believe these things because there is more evidence to say that this is just a coincidence. Even if I believe it, I don't let it affect how I live my life.

It is your choice to believe this or not, but I just want to share what I experienced and learned and I think it's an interesting story to blog about.

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