Wednesday, February 1

Killing a real-life dragon!

“What’s life without dragons” – Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire

Yeah! What’s life without dragons? That dragon could signify my problem right now, or my enemy, or any negative thing.

Sometimes I think, why do we have dragons in life? Do I need to wait for it to open its mouth and breathe fire on me? Or do I just shiver in fear and make him painfully eat me? I know its skin is very hard and is almost impenetrable even the sharpest of objects, and even by doing so, I could hurt myself because of its pointy and bony scales. So how do I fight this fucking dragon? If I stood up against its mighty roar, am I sending a message to it saying, “I won’t back down!” If it flew and is aiming for me so that its claws can grab me, would I be able to dodge it?

If a dragon encounter is inevitable, I know that I could take a hit from it and there is just this tiny life gauge that I got because I don’t have enough experience and my level is too low. If he gets one of my arms, I hope it’s not my right hand, haha! Cause for sure I can’t handle a sword with ease using my left hand. What if it got me on the legs, I wouldn’t be able to dodge its next attack and that could mean I will take a critical blow. Yes I am concerned about my life gauge. If it reaches 0, its game over right? But am I just gonna stand up and do nothing while it just took its sweet time, raping my life gauge away?

But it’s just a dragon, and there are ways to fight a dragon! Head on, I could take a sword, bow, or even cast magic to it, Skyrim style, then take its soul which makes me stronger. I could use Accio Firebolt, jump into that cool flying broom, flee away from it, and formulize a plan how to take care of it, Harry Potter style. All I need to do is be calm and analyze how will I defeat this big-ass dragon. Every dragon has a weakness, and every damage it makes just synergizes the only reason why it’s wreaking havoc all over the place, the reason being me not making a stand for it.

Dragons are part of my daily life. I admit sometimes I don’t know how to handle it, sometimes I can’t fight it off, and more often I am taking a critical blow! But from now on, I will do my best to shout my warcry! I will do my best to smack its head! And even before it shows itself, I’m always at my “game face.” Dragons are formidable, yeah, but is it more formidable than my will to outcast it? Is it formidable than my faith to God?

Hey, you know what? I am thankful that I am living right now. I am happy that I got a family. I am thankful that I have friends. I’m thankful to God that I have such a loving heart (and I know that I am) and I just want to love people. Sometimes I think I was made by God to love people, haha! But seriously, I love my family, my friends, and even my enemies. Oh wait, I don’t have enemies, haha! But even if I do, I would apologize if it was my fault that we fought or talk to him if it was his/her fault, because from now on, I plan to live my life in a positive way, LIKE A BOSS! Life is not to be wasted away by being negative. I am __ years old now, I can’t imagine that I spent my __ years of not risking anything.

As you can see, this post was not meant only for me, it’s also for the one who’s reading this.

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